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Chalk advertising

Chalk Advertising

Chalk advertising is a way of having your message, logo, or web address spray painted onto the floor using only temporary chalk spray paint. Unlike using 'normal' spray paint, chalk spray paint can be completely removed from surfaces. Another advantage to chalk sprays is that they will not wash off in the rain or when people walk over them. The only way to remove them is using a special chemical which breaks up the paint from the surface and is then pressure washed away.

What does it involve?

Step 1 - We will discuss with you what the purpose of your campaign will be, whether it is to promote a new bar, a project launch or anything you would like the public to know about and decide upon a location.

Step 2 - We seek permission from the property owner.

Step 3 - We will custom make your very own stencil. Artwork and text can be provided by yourself, or we can design a stencil for you.

Step 4 - We then place the stencils in your chosen areas and apply several layers of chalk spray in colours of your choice.

Step 5 - We take geo-tagged photos of each advert. We then email a link to yourself with every advert shown.

Step 6 - If you would like to have the adverts removed at a future date we can remove the adverts completely from the area.

What can chalk advertising be used for?

Chalk Advertising is generally used for internal messages on large private sites so that management can communicate with staff in an unusual and quirky way. In two recent campaigns clients have used chalk advertising to encourage staff to cycle to work and to raise awareness to a certain charity. Councils use chalk advertising to give the public messages reminding the public about the dangers of drinking and driving, picking up after their dogs and many more useful messages. Schools, colleges and universities can use chalk adverts to tell students about upcoming events and important messages.

The Advantages Of Using Chalk Sprays

The advantages of using chalk sprays are that they are biodegradable. They will eventually fade away on their own; however we can remove the adverts earlier if required. Chalk adverts are waterproof, but washable. They are also very environmentally friendly.

Chalk adverts can be created using several colours. This means the impact of a chalk advert is extremely high, and can be a very effective way of communicating with your public.

Some Ideas for chalk adverts:

1. Chalk adverts can be used in front of shops when on private ground. For example, you could have a message teasing passers-by, then footprints leading inside saying 'step inside to find out...'.

2. You could have a welcome mat placed on the floor outside your shop entrance.

3. If you are a private site tourist attraction you could have chalk adverts placed to tell your visitors about events happening on your site at certain times.

The possibilities for chalk adverts are endless. Please get in touch for a chat to see how we can help you with chalk adverts.
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