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Clean Advertising

Clean advertising is the new way of reaching thousands of people in targeted areas, while being cost effective and eco-friendly. We have personally implemented several thousand adverts throughout the UK.

What does it involve?

Step 1 - We will discuss with you what the purpose of your campaign will be, whether it is to promote a new bar, a project launch or anything you would like the public to know about and decide upon a location.

Step 2 - We will custom make your very own stencil. Artwork and text can be provided by yourself, or we can design a stencil for you.

Step 3 - Next, using our experience we find dirty pavements in your chosen location that will work well for your campaign, targeting high footfall areas. Or we can use a list of locations chosen by yourself. We place your stencil on the ground, then pressure wash over the stencil leaving a clean image on the floor.

Step 4 - We take two geo-tagged photos of each advert, one close up and one from a little distance to show where the advert is. We then email a link to yourself with every advert shown.

Who can we target?

  • General public
  • Shoppers
  • Clubbers
  • College/Uni students
  • High School children

What can it be used for?

  • New openings
  • Upcoming events
  • Brand Lauches
  • Directing traffic to your website
  • Telling people about special offers
  • Internal messages

Clean Adverts or Reverse Graffiti is created by 'selectively cleaning' dirty pavements. By using a stencil and a pressure washer we clean your adverts in high footfall areas. A typical campaign consists of 25 adverts in one city or town, but we can create 100 adverts and more in your chosen locations. We target busy areas such as high streets, shopping areas, bus stops, etc. meaning your adverts are seen by a large amount of people in a way that attracts attention.

We can also be more creative when it comes to your adverts. Why not have footprints leading to you store along with your advert? Why not have a decorative border to your advert in front of your shop? We could place an arrow next to your advert literally pointing people in the right direction. Whatever your purpose is for your campaign we can arrange something to draw attention to you product/shop/brand.

Illegal graffiti using spray paints is understandably a negative thing that can only be removed using a professional company. However reverse graffiti is the opposite of painted graffiti. As we are only cleaning the dirt away from the area there are no permanent marks left. In fact, after a period of weeks or months the surface will return to its 'normal' dirty state. Meaning clean adverts or reverse graffiti is an environmentally friendly way of advertising that leaves no impact on the environment.
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