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Mud Advertising

Mud advertising Mud Advertising is a unique way of creating a truly eco-friendly advert. For a hard hitting message in a short amount of time mud adverts can convey your message to your desired audience in a way that leaflets, or other printed forms will not. True, mud adverts are not going to last forever, but if you would like your message delivered over a short amount of time mud advertising may be the way forward.

Mud advertising works in the same way as chalk advertising, but instead of using chalk sprays we use mud and water to create the design of your stencil on the floor. The advantage of using mud adverts is that the floor does not have to be dirty to create the advert. Permission by the property owner is needed for the use of mud adverts.

What can Mud Advertising be used for?

  • Advertising for festivals and other upcoming events.
  • Impressing clients with corporate logos and messages.
  • Communicating with public, students and staff in an unusual way that is in harmony with nature.
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